Evangelist Caleb Perkins

Caleb has a passion to see lives changed through the love of God. His mission comes from Matthew 10:8 "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons..."

Caleb received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at 9 years of age. He was called into the ministry at 13 years old. Preaching and ministering at a young age, Caleb developed an intimate relationship with Jesus. After graduating college Caleb was on course to get his master's degree but God had a different plan. While in class he heard an audible voice say "You need to go to the Army!" Caleb turned around to see who said this but no one said it. He turned around and heard "You need to go to the Army!" After hearing it a second time, he told his wife Abby what had happened. They prayed and felt this was the word from the Lord.


Caleb served as a Sniper Sections Leader in the Army's 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He conducted 6 deployments overseas with 1 deployment to Iraq and 5 deployments to Afghanistan. On his 4th deployment Caleb knelt on a pressure plate IED. The bomb blew his night vision goggles into his eye socket and burned the left side of his body. Initial reports were that he would be blind, his hand would be amputated and he would not be able to walk. After 14 days in ICU, Caleb walked off the helicopter with 20/20 vision and able to do 2 more deployments before the Lord called him back into full time ministry.


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