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Harvest Revival Ministries


Joanna Coe-Herndon will be with us again tonight to minister the Word of God!

Come and join us, and receive all God has for you!

Bring someone with you who needs a touch from God!

God has been moving powerfully in our services!

He will meet you at your deepest point of need.

Nothing is impossible with God!

Come and receive of the goodness of God!

Joanna is the daughter of healing evangelist, Jack Coe Sr., a pioneer of the Voice of Healing Revival which swept through America and overseas during the 1930’s through the 50’s.


Today, Joanna continues the legacy of her late father by bringing back the lost truths of Scripture that help people discover spiritual freedom, peace, deliverance, physical healing and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, the true living God.

Come and be blessed, healed, delivered, and restored, immersed in the Presence of Almighty God!

His love is never-ending, and His mercies are new every day!

If you cannot come in person, we will also be streaming live on YouTube and Facebook. Click below to watch live.

A testimony from Alice who attended our service on Sunday, Jan. 29


“Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministries in Caledon. HEALING and REVIVAL Event!!!!!

Do you want to see a church move in the Prophetic?

Do you want to see Signs, Miracles and Wonders?

That is what I saw and experienced TODAY!!!

As soon as the music began the Spirit started moving in that place!!! The Holy Spirit was relentless in touching, poking and stirring people’s hearts and souls through tears and laughter and other manifestations!!!

There was not a still body to be found!!!

Everyone was dancing and swaying and clapping and Rejoicing in the Joy of the Lord!!!!


The Worship was so anointed!! We literally witnessed God inhabiting the Praises of His people!!! HE responded by pouring forth His Precious Holy Sacred Presence, which was oh so sweet!!!!



Joanna and her husband, Phillip have just written and published a new book, with others to follow.


It is filled with accounts of miracles and testimonies in the life and ministry of the Herndons, and her father, Jack Coe, Sr.

Their book can be found on, if you would like to purchase a copy.

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