No Fee | No Childcare Provided

Friday, Sept. 23:

Saturday, Sept. 24:

Sunday, Sept. 25:

7:00 pm

10:00 am & 2:00 pm

10:00 am

* * A Complimentary Lunch will be provided Saturday Sept. 24 * *



Pastors Bobby & Martha Kirkley

White Horse Christian Center

West Lafayette, IN

We are looking forward to our September Conference with the Kirkleys as we know God will move in a powerful way as Pastors Bobby & Martha bring forth the life-giving Word of God! We are believing that God's Word will challenge and restore us and bring about change in our lives.

Pastors Bobby and Martha joined the Pastoral Ministry Staff at White Horse Christian Center in 2003. Pastors Bobby and Martha have served together in ministry in many capacities – pastors, teachers, armor bearers, intercessors, and Martha in praise and worship and the song of the Lord. They bring to their ministry powerful testimonies of the delivering power of God. Though Pastor Bobby’s teaching is biblically no-nonsense, his delivery is filled with God’s forgiveness, mercy, grace, and agape love. Martha Ruth is extremely sensitive to the Spirit of God and has an unusual anointing to sing the songs of the Lord and stop the enemy in his tracks. The combination of their individual breaker anointing allow Pastors Bobby and Martha Ruth to flow with a teaching and prophetic mantle upon their lives. The impact of their ministry has been felt throughout various cities in the U.S. and abroad, as they tear down, build up, and plant God’s word through intercession, song, and the precise teaching of His Word.

We hope to see you at the September Conference!