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Prophetic Word from Anne Murphy

"I AM the Lord, your God! Trust in Me. I was in a deep sleep in the bottom of the boat on the sea, when the great storm was upon it. Did you hear Me? I was at rest and not afraid. Am I not with you as I have told you? I Am with you at ALL times! Believe Me when I tell you that I am fully aware of every heart, even the ones who will keep rejecting Me. They will get their justice. I tell you, keep yourself focused on Me. Do not look away from Me to other solutions and affairs. They are stumbling blocks, so keep close to Me in My Word. Focus your attention on Me. Roll over My promises in your mind and devour them in your heart ‘till nothing else remains, except Me. I have you in the palm of My Hand, do you realize Who I AM? I say to you again, Trust Me, Rest in Me. I am the Lord, your God!"

- Anne Murphy


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