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Pastor Carol McLean and her son, Pastor Ted McLean, joined by Evangelist, Joanna Coe-Herndon, from Harvest Revival Ministries in Texas, are traveling to minister in Nepal this March. They will be leaving March 8 and returning March 21.

They will be traveling in Nepal with Nepali host, Pastor Amos Tiwari, and his wife Jamuna, and ministering in Nepal for 10 full days. Two services at Pastor Amos Tiwari's church, in Kathmandu, and 9 or more sessions at a Women's Conference in Pokhara.

The people in Nepal are hungry for the Presence and Word of God! Please keep the Ministry Team and the people of Nepal in prayer, even now, as they prepare for this trip. Pray for safety and protection, and for the favour of God during their travels and stay in Nepal. Pray for open hearts, and for God's presence and power to flow like never before. Pray for a mighty spiritual shift to take place, from which there is no turning back! Amen! Hallelujah!


  • March 8 - Leaving Toronto in the evening

  • March 10 - Arriving in Kathmandu

  • March 11 - Speaking at Pastor Amos Tiwari's church in Kathmandu

  • March 12 - Flying to Pokhara for Women's Conference

  • March 13-15 - Speaking at 9 or more sessions at the Women's Conference

  • March 17 - Flying back to Kathmandu

  • March 18 - Speaking at Pastor Amos Tiwari's church in Kathmandu

  • March 20 - Leaving Kathmandu

  • March 21 - Arriving in Toronto, early in the morning

Along with covering the Ministry Team's round-trip expenses from Kathmandu, the Conference hosts are helping to cover food and lodging for approximately 150 women who will be traveling from a long distance to attend the conference. The Conference expense is approximately $3500.

If you would like to participate in helping with these expenses, you can donate through Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministries by clicking the link below, and selecting the method of giving of your preference, from our donation page.

Thank you, in advance, for your love and generosity to Nepal.


All surplus donations will go towards purchasing Bibles for Nepal.

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