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If you would like to find out more about Glorious Freedom Ministry or would like them to come and minister, please email Jim and Irene or contact the JJCM office.

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Evangelist Jim and Prophet Irene Tennier

Glorious Freedom is a ministry of Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministries. It is an evangelistic prophetic work. Rev. Jim and Rev. Irene Tennier are ordained with JJCM. Jim is an anointed Prophetic Evangelist and Irene is an anointed Prophet who minister together in the love of Father God. Signs and wonders of salvation, healing, and miracles follow them as they preach the Good News of Jesus Christ in the power of Holy Spirit. In their experience of almost 30 years of ministry they have developed a love and compassion for all people.

Prophet Irene ministers in the song of the Lord and has recorded a CD Titled:

Those Who Wait on the Lord.

Please phone us at 519-942-2338 if you would like to order your copy for $20.

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