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Prophetic Word From Anne Murphy

Sunday, April 25, 2021

“I say these words to you in earnest warning. To every heart that hears, you are coming to the edge of true and heartfelt decision. I have been speaking to you, into your spirit, about issues and bondages that are keeping you from stepping forward. But you are not allowing them to be removed. I say to you, stop holding them close; let them go, now. You need to decide to follow Me completely. The time is so near. Trust Me, I will not ever harm you. Just ask Me to help you. Remember, I know everything about you! Let go of the hurts; your unforgiveness; the bitterness. These are the same as you taking poison. They aim to kill you. Again, I urge you My child, go deep into My spirit who has been with you all the moments of your life. Ask Him to help you to let go of these areas that are hindering you. Come out into the light and find My peace. My Spirit is in you, to guide you, in releasing those things to Me so you can be healed, you can be delivered. You will hear My voice and have boldness to obey Me. Come My child, come to Me and I will show you who I am. I will show you My love, little one. Come.”

- Anne Murphy


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