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Prophetic Word From Anne Murphy


This is what I believe the Lord has given me this morning.

“There has come a change, through all that has been allowed to happen this last while. You have had time to hear Me, and see Me, working and moving. Were you awake and alert?

Come now, you who hear My voice. I am calling you to come forward. Take off the old garments, you have outgrown them. They were worn out with shame, self-righteousness, and unworthiness. There were spots of bitterness, unforgiveness and judgement on them.

You have allowed My Spirit to search your heart, and received My healing power, by My Spirit within you. You have made time to come into My Presence, My precious ones. You are hungry for more. Put on the new clothes that I have set before you. As you do, you will see what has changed. Your spirit is stronger, more vibrant. You hear My voice more clearly. You have Wisdom to use My Name by the authority given to you, to bind and to loose what My Spirit shows you. Use your prayer language to communicate with Me, I will reveal heavenly secrets to you, My children.

Above all, seek Me first; give thanks and praise; sing and rejoice; surrender to Me and I will consume you in My overwhelming Love. Come all the way to Me, My bride. You are loved beyond your understanding; just come to Me.


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