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Prophetic Word from Prophet Irene Tenier

March 25, 2020

This is a time for the real intercessors to rise up and call upon me says the Lord, as Moses my servant called upon Me in intercession for his own sister Miriam, not to allow death to come. But I heard His cry as He interceded to Me face to face. My true servants will want to come face to face with Me in this hour of need, not just for themselves but for the world. Raise up a standard My people and seek forth My love to the nation of Canada. It shall be saved. Do not murmur because there is no food or water or you could put yourself back to Egypt. I took you out of Egypt and you are going ahead into the promise land. Raise up a Bronze Pole. Let all who look at it be healed of disease virus and

such as I your Saviour have paid the price even in human form to take the whole world upon my shoulder. Look to the Bronze Pole in My name which represents My son Jesus and you shall live. The serpent will not bite you. Fear not, I have the answer to all. I am that I am I shall be lifted up people of mine, lift up my name, tell it on the mountain tops that whoever believes in Me shall not perish but have life eternal with Me in Heaven. Speak clear with conviction. Ask me to take the coals, cleanse my lips here I am Lord. Amen.


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