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Prophetic Word from Shirley Hudson

A few days ago, what came to me was the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. The whole world looked on and was mesmerized by its beauty and pageantry. WOW! The wedding of the century! Every smile and composure pulled off without a glitch. And yet what deception! The one in love, but the other secretly in love with someone else. What tragedy!

I thought of the Body betrothed to Jesus Christ. That we would not be deceived in our love for Him because we think we’re so spiritual looking with all our religious apparel on. That our heads are not turned secretly to something else - lip service – mechanical – cold hearts, believing we’re alright in our own eyes. O God search our hearts, that our love for you is pure, holy and undefiled, and not full of distractions that dishonour you. Uproot all of our idolatry so that we can come forth as the Bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle and be ready for Him. Also Ephesians 1:16-18 comes to me often about God wanting us to have more revelation of our part in the Body of Christ – we’re not as individualities, but one in unity - to have understanding of the spiritual blessings God wants to give us and to use His power that’s within us.

- Shirley Hudson


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