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Repentance Brings Change & Restoration

Note: There is a video message at the end of this post

This is the message that I shared with Ron and Mother Israel Sunday morning. My heart was burdened with the dream the Lord gave me early Sunday morning. I was really disturbed when someone in my dream denied that they had repented to God and apologized to me as a leader, and that they were also going to go and spend the day fellowshipping with a servant of the Lord who is dead (which is the spirit of necromancy – Deut. 18:10-12). I believe the Lord was showing me the insincerity of repentance and how we want a prophetic word that makes us feel good so that we never change. When we cannot remember the sin we have repented of, it shows that we haven’t genuinely owned our sin and repented of it. When we repent we are changed and know that we are forgiven. We are to repent not just to look good but to have our relationship with each other and the Lord genuinely restored. When the people in my dream denied that they had repented to God and apologized to me, they were mocking me as their leader. In Ephesians 4:11 – 5:2 the Apostle Paul makes it clear that it is the Lord who appoints the five-fold for the perfecting and full equipping of the saints. The five-fold leaders are crucial to the health and unity of the body of Christ. If the body of Christ does not respect them the body will never mature and will remain in disunity. We must stand against the spirit of Jezebel that hates godly leaders. During this time of isolation it is crucial that the body of Christ remain in a healthy relationship with their leaders. I believe that my dream reveals that there are still areas in the body of Christ that need to be made right concerning our relationships with our past and present leaders. We also took communion together Sunday morning, you too can partake with us when you watch the video. Points for Prayer: * Leaders – Prime Minister, Premier, MPs, MPPs, Mayors, Church Leaders * The Sick (standing against COVID-19) * Healthcare Workers and Families * Grieving Families * Entrepreneurs & the Unemployed * Body of Christ

Malachi 3:8-15 (AMP) We know that we are blessed when we bring in our tithes and offerings to the Lord. However, our nation is under a curse because it has robbed God by not acknowledging Him as the One who makes provision for us all. May we be willing to stand in the gap and repent for how our nation has robbed God and for how it has said that it is useless to serve God and to obey His principles. (v. 14-15). Isaiah 5:20 May we also repent for how our nation has called evil good and good evil and substituted darkness for light and light for darkness. Pray that we will arise and shine as we walk in the light of His presence. Isaiah 60:1-3


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